20 Photos That Tell The Story Of The Gatlinburg WildFires

These are some of the images I shot on 11/30/16 after the Gatlinburg Wildfires. Look closely as each one tells a story. Just think, there was likely a family in the home just minutes before it was swept up in flames, a child on the bike, a Purple Heart recipient driving the burned out car, worship services the day before in the church, families on vacation. I myself was trying to help 3 people find their way out of Tree Tops Resort when their SUV was surrounded by fire. I found out the next day that they miraculously drove through, made the right turn and ran into a fire truck that took them to safety! There are photos of what that area looks like today. It’s amazing to see one vehicle burned completely and one right beside it untouched! This scene played out time after time! Our lives will be forever changed, but we are resilient and will forge forward!

Photo credits: Sherri Aagenes Photography

I guess the only explanation is with the winds roaring at 85+ mph there were literally lines of fires! This line was cut straight down the middle of this bicycle. Look closely, front tire, rubber handlebar grip and dry leaves & twigs are virtually undamaged. Midway down the bike, it is charred, back tire melted and the entire house incinerated! Unimaginable scenes!

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