Dad Uses GoPro Playing Hide-And-Seek With Toddler

gopro hide and seek

Using a GoPro to play hide and seek with a toddler is genius! Seeing the game through the toddler’s eyes puts new perspectives on how the game is played.

Dan Iverson, also known as an awesome dad, has come up with a brilliant use for his GoPro camera. He strapped it on his 2-year-old son’s head during their hide-and-seek routine, and the result is something we can only describe as a “toddler vision”.


After strapping the camera to the toddler, the couple went and hid in a cupboard while their son tried to find them. Mum and dad were able to watch the live GoPro footage on Dan’s iPhone (which explains all the muffled giggling you can here).


The toddler went from room to room in search of his parents. The parents were watching in real time on their phones laughing hysterically as the child could not find them.


Then, with the help of their family dog Ollie, the boy was able to finally win the game!


To watch the toddler with the GoPro attached to him while playing hide and seek with his parents, just click on the video.

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