Artist Photographs Himself Creating Imaginary Universes

photographs himself

A young Parisian artist Vincent Bourilhon photographs himself creating imaginary universes. He has been practicing the art of photography since the age of sixteen, before exploring the world of photography from a contemporary perspective. At first, he was interested in my daily life as an “aesthetic object”. Then he needed to express himself so he started to take self-portraits. He noticed that with post-production tools, he could create any universe he want in a few clicks. So with the help of his tripod and timer, he had browsed much of field and forests to compose his book. He is a great lover of cinema. Inspired by artists like Rosie Hardy, Joel Robison, Lissy Elle, Jungho Lee, Pascal Campion or Kouzou Sakai, and is always looking for poetry and dreams in his personal work which reflects his admiration for the discipline. Through graphic design and digital retouching, he managed to build an imaginary universe, through a cinematic universe, on the border between dreams and reality.

Photographs Himself Getting To Paris

Imaginary Universes

This photograph of himself literally allows you to get carried away. Kind of reminds me of Mary Poppins.

The Moon Repair Man

Imaginary Universes

Ever heard the expression “I’d give you the moon if I could?” Well here, it looks like he has done that for someone yet then feels the need to give it back. Maybe someone he gave the piece of the moon to hurt him.

The Birth Of An Idea


Capturing an idea and storing it away is also the way we write things down for future use. But through the art of photography, he has safely stored them away in an ice cream cone which that alone is brittle and easily damaged.

Falling Asleep


Those two words capture this image exactly. Falling and sleeping at the same time is ingenious work when he photographs himself doing this. Kudos!

Blow Your Idea


Many ways to interpret this one. It can also be said that since it takes heat and hot air to stretch a bulb…he is full of hot air. What do you think?



Definitely not much space between these galaxies. Being he photographs himself as a spaceman while holding the planets and handing them off to the next generation is brilliant.



Ever feel like everyone can see right through you? Ever get the feeling like you don’t matter? He seems lost in this image as he photographs himself with only the clothes on his back.

Brilliant Mind


The woman and the wheel making it look like everything revolves around her.



He’s showing her how much she really matters in this universe.

Tea Time


One lump or two?

My Imaginary Friend


Better than no one at all.



The feeling you get when someone turns on you.



While the matchstick has not been lit, there is yet smoke coming off of it. That happens to be a cloud. A cloud of smoke.

Come In from The Rain


When gloom hangs over your head, allow a friend to share his umbrella.

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